Hello everybody! I'm going to be posting my updates from truck driving here as much as possible. I'll have photos, stories and other things that I will be putting on here so all of you can keep track of where I am and what I am doing. Be sure to keep coming back to check for my updates! - Chris

Friday, November 09, 2007

Just checking in...

Last week I made the drive from here in Sacramento up to Albany,OR to visit my friends I haven't seen in quite a while since I quit at GTI. It was a bittersweet drive on my old route. I still know every twist and turn, where the bears hide and everything is still the same. My friend still drives for gordon and I jumped in his truck. Man, my peterbilt is TINY compared to that freightliner thats for sure. I miss the road. Local isn't all that it's cracked up to be...

One of my favorite spots on 5 just north of the "canyon"

The canyon starts just north of Redding and go all the way to Weed. It's my favorite part of the entire Interstate 5. Tight turns, big trees and awesome views of Shasta and the Crags.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
Nice to see that you are back and good to hear that your dental-work will be over soon.
Love // Gun-Britt

3:21 AM

Anonymous Mother aka Tracy said...

Christopher... You need to take me on a road trip :) Let's load the kids up and go!!!

8:56 AM

Blogger Derek and Sara said...

Hey good to see this thing again- I stopped coming by when I saw that you quit- didn't think you'd continue it. Look forward to more- you going back over the road??? I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the truck, wish I had been into taking pictures then.
Happy Holidays to you and yours Chris!

10:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to Road King, Chris, I enjoyed cruising your website. In case you might be interested to consider this for yourself, I've been driving for GTI for 7 years and am one of very few drivers on what they call the Home Run fleet. I work for 4 days and then go home for 4 days, running about 7k miles/mo. I still get full benefits, though earn a lower rate per mile. It allows me the 'fun' of driving, yet lets me spend more time with family. Of course, that lowers your income...but you can't buy back time. Good luck and keep up the good work on your blog. Writing and pictures are fantastic!

12:34 PM

Anonymous LT said...

I too stopped trucking for a while...missed it terribly. Now back with a local OTR...mostly east coast but get back for a reset instead of sitting at a TA. Good you are back

6:19 PM

Anonymous digger derricks said...

Nice to know about your trucking adventures.This place is awesome for sure and good to see it through your eyes.have a wonderful trucking life.

7:38 AM


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