Hello everybody! I'm going to be posting my updates from truck driving here as much as possible. I'll have photos, stories and other things that I will be putting on here so all of you can keep track of where I am and what I am doing. Be sure to keep coming back to check for my updates! - Chris

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is what I do on my spare time.

Check out this Truck game. It's internet based and a blast to play!


Blogger BraveTide said...

That game is pretty neat. I played for a while, got up to have a double trailer endorsement, driving for Canadian Freightways. LyNkS was the CEO. My job duties changed so I wasn't able to stay on top of it like you need to in order to make decent money. But it's really neat going from city to city, load to load, and having to stay under your HOS. I would always run up until 12 but not over to keep from "falling asleep and wrecking."

Adding a link to your blog on mine by the way. Thanks for driving!


12:25 PM

Blogger Joe Douchebag said...

It's kind of dumb and boring to be frank. I made it to the top pretty quickly.

7:31 AM


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